Automatic Pulsejet Dust Collector

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Automatic Pulse jet dust collector is used in various industries for heavy dust collection applications. This unit has large filtration area with compressed air pulse cleaning system. This cleaning automates by Timer unit as per required cleaning preset. This pulse jet cleans the Filters periodically, so that deposited dust fall down in the collection container. Further Continuous suction performance maintained inside the suction hood & Dust Collector.


Automatic Pulsejet Dust Collector:

Cleantek manufacturing cyclone attached automatic pulse-jet dust collector. We are the dust collector manufacturers in India making various model mobile and stationary dust extraction system. Our machines are widely used in Single point dust extraction and multi-point dust extraction from grinding, blending, mixing, transferring process.
Working principle:
High capacity centrifugal blower is connected with airtight metal box container threw the cartridge filter or cloth filters. Dust is extracted threw the ducting and suction hose to the metal container. Filters are cleaning by automatic filter cleaning device. Cleantek make Efficient filtration unit within a powerful extraction system removes hazardous material from your
process directly from where the extraction is required.

Dust Collection Systems are widely used to increase Productivity and provide a Cleaner Work Environment in manufacturing plants. For that application we design and develop dust Source capture system in different industries for many applications. Some special features of our Automatic Pulsejet Dust Collector: like strong suction power, compact size and running in very low noise level. We offer custom made Wet Dust Collector units for OEM clients in stainless steel version.

Automatic Pulsejet Dust Collector
Automatic pulsejet Dust Collector, Dust Collection system

Our Dust Collectors are widely in demand due to their excellent features and design. These equipment are very capable in collecting all the dust easily and requires no maintenance for years. We stand in the midst of blooming Dry Dust Collector manufacturers and suppliers in India. Dust control is must for all kind processing industry to safeguard for working workers and machinery from hazardous dust.

Our machines are used in kitchen equipment  manufacturing industries like wet grinder, Mixi manufacturers, LPG gas stove manufacturers , Pump manufacturers etc… Plastic parts Buffing, Stainless steel parts Buffing process produce lot of fine dust and it should be removed threw dust extraction hoods.

We are doing custom made dust removal system to arrest the dust particles and maintain the hygiene clean air inside the working place.

Dust collector Parts:
Centrifugal Blower
Cyclone Separator
Filter Cleaning System
Ducting with Suction Hood
Rotary Valve
Control Panel


  • Strong suction power
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic filter cleaning system
  • Less maintenance
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Keep safe environment in working place

Buffing Dust Collector Video:


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