Aerosol Air Purifier

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Aerosol Air Purifier:

Cleantek design and manufacturing Oral Aerosol Air Purifier, Disinfection equipment, air filtration, air purification system, aerosol absorption unit for medical lab and dental clinics.

Bacteria and viruses are known to be transmitted by aerosols. Further aerosols will be suspended in the air for a period of time, may remain on the surface of the dental chair and dental instruments and nearby equipment. So proper efficient extraction system required. There will be chances of spreading virus to doctors, other patients, house keeper etc… It capture all harmful dust, fume, bacterial virus etc…

Filter unit running in very silent and trouble free brush-less motor with high airflow extraction capacity. Thanks for four stage filtration with HEPA filter for all kind of hazardous filtration. Easy flexible suction hose is self adjusted to any position. diameter of the suction hose is 3″ or 4″ to extract the more air. This purifier used to extract and filter the volatile organic compounds, dental aerosol, chemical fume, Bacteria, virus etc. Easy to Replace the HEPA filter and ACF filter every 150  Hours once. All spares are available in ready stock to ship. Machine will suck air particulate and filter it completely.

Air Cleaner
Dust Filter,Air Cleaner, Micro Dust Collector

Industrial Air Purifier Features:

  • Innovative Four stage Filtration
  • High Airflow capacity
  • Light Weight
  • Healthy air exhaust
  • Filtering bacteria, virus etc.
  • Trolley mounted easy to move
  • Self adjusted suction arm
  • Low noise level
  • Steel powder coated
  • Technical Specifications: