Toner Vacuum cleaner:

Cleantek manufacturing Toner vacuum cleaner for Toner powder cleaning machine and industrial grade vacuum cleaner for all kind of ultra fine dust cleaning applications. Our vacuum cleaners are used in laser printer powder cleaning, Cement dust cleaning, laser dust cleaning etc. Toner powder cleaning machine is very useful tool to remove the fine laser printer powder filling stations. Our machine built with high quality raw materials and 0.3 micron dust filtration capacity filters and automatic filter cleaning system. Our machine are used to extract the toner dust also our machines called as toner vacuum cleaner.Our machine is made in India and available all kind of spares and service support all over India. Cleantek supply Industrial grade vacuum cleaner in chennai. Cleantek manufacturing industrial vacuum cleaners for toner dust collection systems. Cleantek manufacturing tone dust collector and toner dust cleaning vacuum cleaner. Easily clean, empty and refill cartridges in a way that is efficient, environmentally friendly designed dust collector and vacuum cleaners.


CLEANTEK is a manufacturer and exporter in India for floor cleaning and preparation machine since 2006.Cleantek manufacturing ATEX / Flame proof are helpful for cleaning in confined areas and for the removal of hazardous combustible dust and fume cleaning. CLEANTEK Manufacturing Following models in various capacity & Custom built models. Our fixed floor brush attached vacuum cleaner will Quickly clean large dusty floor areas and factory godown, big floor areas.

Keep the work floor clean and free from any dust, dirt, mites etc. Develop hygienic environment, good health and safety aspects for workers. Cleantek Toner vacuum cleaner safe guard for your workers to dispose the dangerous dust from your factory.


Cleantek toner powder dust cleaning by toner vacuum cleaner model was developed to meet the requirements for vacuuming dust and powder, solid and liquid materials and is equipped with direct drive induction vacuum motor which requires no maintenance. It is made for heavy duty application. The frame with caster simultaneously provides for maximum stability and mobility of the industrial vacuum cleaner. The total unit is epoxy powder coated and total unit is attached with heavy duty portable wheels. Cleantek supply Industrial vacuum cleaner in Bengaluru.