Industrial wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner for floor cleaning
Industrial wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Industrial wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner for floor cleaning

Cleantek design and manufacturing industrial heavy duty vacuum cleaners.Our model was developed to meet the requirements for vacuuming dust and powder, solid and liquid materials and is equipped with direct drive induction vacuum motor which requires no maintenance. It is made for heavy duty application. The frame with caster simultaneously provides for maximum stability and mobility of the industrial vacuum cleaner. The total unit is epoxy powder coated and total unit is attached with heavy duty portable wheels.


CLEANTEK Manufacturing Following models in various capacity & Custom built models.






Three Phase Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner:

A wide range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. Efficient, Reliable,Economical and extremely solid these industrial vacuums are the best machines for industrial cleaning or integration on production lines, as well as Hazardous Places cleaning applications.Induction motor attached Machine designed to run suitable for continuous running for cleaning usage. So this model most suitable for Big floor cleaning and heavy duty cleaning needs.High vacuum performance enough to suck the metal debris, oil, coolant, powder dust from the shop floor. A silencer is fitted to reduce the noise and keep it silent running. For small and light duty wet and dry cleaning our one more model support.


  • High filter surface area polyester star filter bag Unit
  • Possibility to Vacuum into disposable bags
  • 100 % steel construction with Powder coated
  • Integrated Manual filter cleaning system to increase filter efficiency
  • Detachable collection bin / tank
  • Possibility to vacuum solid debris, dust and liquid ( Both wet & Dry option) at the same time

Cleantek design and manufacturing Three Phase Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner as per clients requirements. Explosion proof vacuum cleaners,Pneumatic vacuum cleaners,Stationary type Centralized multi-point suction unit manufactured by us as per clients applications.


  • More Filtration Area designed with Air to Cloth Ratio
  • High Airflow designed maintenance free Vacuum Pump
  • Optional Latest Automatic Filter Cleaning System for Maintaining Machine Performance
  • High Suction force.
  • Manual filter shaker
  • Suitable for both wet and dry vacuum cleaning applications
  • Efficient Dust Collection
  • Easy to Disposal of collection dust
  • Low Noise Level with additional Silencer unit
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Maintenance Free
  • Supply with High Temperature Hose & Ducting


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