Sugarcane Seed Treatment Device:
Cleantek Manufacturing modernized sugarcane seed Treatment Device under Technology supported BY SBI-ICAR, Coimbatore. Sett or bud treatment is an important role for disease-free sugarcane cultivation and healthy nursery programme. The device works on the principle of negative vacuum pressure and delivers various agro-inputs rapidly inside the sugarcane setts. Sugarcane Seed Treatment Device. Cleantek Manufacturing Sugarcane Seed Treatment device for sugarcane. Farmers Treat the sugarcane butts within 30 Minute up to 4000 pieces.


Our Seed Treatment Device used in various Sugar Factories in India and Abroad. Our machines are started to use in  Ethiopia, East Africa in Sugar factories.


Sugarcane Seed Treatment Device:

Scientists of the Indian Sugarcane Breeding Institute have devised a sugarcane seed treatment device (STD) to protect
sugarcane from red rot disease (cancer). UP The Sugarcane Research Council has also started research on STDs to provide bacteria-free sugarcane to farmers seeing CO 0238 risk of cancer. This device, which can prepare disease-free sugarcane for sowing in 40 minutes, is proving effective.


Cleantek got License from ICAR for Technology to manufacture and marketing the sugar seed treatment device to all over India and abroad. Dr. Bakshi Ram, Director of Sugar Cane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore give more support to development and success in this project. We thanks to Director & scientists of ICAR,Coimbatore to design and develop for more success in this.

Our First Machine Installed in Vellode a small entrepreneur of sugarcane nursery to treating the sugarcane seed. Dr.Bakshi Ram, Director, ICAR-SBI & Managing Director of Sakthi Sugars Dr. M. Manickam & Starts to process this sugarcane sett Treatment equipment. Due to very good effect of this machine he is producing and market 1.50 Lakhs per month sugarcane sealings. This sugarcane sett Treatment device using high vacuum technology to treat the sugarcane butts. ICAR suggested to all sugar factories to use this machine to produce quality settling in sugarcane cultivation. Further hot water treatment device under test trial for more improvements in this unit. This in plant germination device used in more than 75 units are under running in various sugar factories.Within 30 minutes it will treat 4000 to 6000 sugar cane buds and it will assures 90 % germination.

Some of our Clients:

  • Sakthi Sugars Ltd
  • Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd,
  • Magadh Sugar & Energy Ltd
  • Avadh Sugar & Energy Ltd
  • Birla Sugars Ltd
  • Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd.
  • Nav Bharat Ventures Ltd
  • Ponni Sugars (Erode) Ltd.
  • E.I.D. Parry (I) Ltd
  • Rajshree Sugars & Chem.Ltd etc..


नरेंद्र यादव, शाहजहांपुर : गन्ने को लाल सड़न रोग (कैंसर) से बचाने के लिए भारतीय गन्ना प्रजनन संस्थान के वैज्ञानिकों ने सेट ट्रीटमेंट डिवाइस (एसटीडी) ईजाद की है। उप्र. गन्ना शोध परिषद ने सीओ 0238 में कैंसर का खतरा देख किसानों को जीवाणुमुक्त गन्ना मुहैया कराने के लिए एसटीडी पर शोध भी शुरू कर दिया है। 40 मिनट में ही बुवाई के लिए रोगमुक्त गन्ना तैयार कर देने वाली यह डिवाइस कारगर साबित हो रही है।

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Sugarcane breeding institute, ICAR, Coimbatore 



    • Simple in construction and easy to use
    • Treat 8000 buds per Hour
    • Treating single bud setts with different agro inputs Fungicides, insecticide & Nutrients
    • increase germination & high-quality settings
    • Treating Setts with fungicides control redroot, Smut and will diseases
    • Device Certified By SBI- ICAR, Coimbatore
    • More than 50 machines successful in various sugar factories and Farmers
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Simple Operation
    • Treat upto 4000 Pieces per 30 Minutes
    • Easy To Operate
    • More than 50 Installation all over India