Pneumatic Operated Vacuum Cleaner:

Cleantek Manufacturing Pneumatic Operated Vacuum Cleaner suitable for industrial cleaning applications in hazardous environments. For Example it is used in Oil refinery industries, Pharma Industries etc…
CLEANTEK developed special purpose cordless battery operated Vacuum Cleaner that is operated in DC battery power. This range of cordless Vacuum Cleaner is very useful for Electric power connection unavailable areas and electrical power blocked areas.
Our wide range of cordless Vacuum Cleaner is widely appreciated for its high-tech features and portability. We ensure its long service life to our clients as we manufacture them using supreme quality raw material. Our cordless Vacuum Cleaners are highly efficient machines that require minimum power to get charged and works for long ours with it.


Cleantek Manufacturing Pneumatic Operated Vacuum Cleaner for industrial cleaning purpose if electric power is not available or undesirable. This air operated Vacuum cleaner run by compressed air supply and no electricity is required. Single or dual venturi suction models available as per suction force requirement. Pneumatic Industrial Vacuum Cleaner are explosion proof versions, and suitable for cleaning in fuel related industries , godown, Stock yard, Fuel Filling Stations, Airport Cleaning  etc… Cleantek designs special type for hazardous environments and explosion dangers areas.
Power Coated Heavy Duty Construction

  • No Moving parts therefore Less maintenance
  • Compact in Size
  • No Electricity Required
  • Used for both wet and Dry applications
  • Wet & Dry cleaning Applications etc…


  • Single phase input
  • Compact size
  • Portable unit
  • High efficiency filtration
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy operation
  • Stainless steel version (Optional)
  • HEPA filter (Optional)


S.No. Parameters FV300 FV500
1 Power (Hp) 3 5
2 Airflow (m3/Hr) 300 390
3 Vacuum (mm of Wg) 1500 2000
4 Collection capacity (L) 50 50
5 Weight (kg) 280 310
6 Suction Inlet (mm) 50 50
7 Filter Cloth filter Cloth filter
8 Weight (kg) 110 135


  • Small areas cleaning
  • Car interior cleaning
  • Passenger car cleaning
  • Small factory cleaning
  • OEM machinery suction applications
  • General light machinery cleaning applications etc

Available Models

  • Single venturi Operated Vacuum Cleaner
  • Double ventrui Operated Vacuum Cleaner