Mobile suction arm dry dust collector:

We are the mobile suction arm dry dust collector manufacturers  in various kind of dust collection capacity and applications.

High vacuum suction force developed in suction unit and suction side is connected  with articulated suction arm attached big hood. Big hood is helped to extract the dust and cover the more area. Suction unit another blower side connected with collection tank or filter unit.

During operation dust is sucked and blowing to the collection bag. Articulated suction arm helps for various angle dust extraction. Mostly this system used in wood chips dust extraction and plastic waste collection  applications.

Cleantek dust collector supplied complete digital balanced impeller fan and continuous duty IE2 induction motor. Filters are cleaned by manual filter shaker or automatic filter cleaning system.

We design and produce dust collection device, Mechanical Engineering dust Extraction & particulate extraction systems suitable for all kind of dust capture, chips collection process.


Cleantek newly designed Dental dust and particulate extraction systems, Pharmaceutical Dust extraction systems, Mobile Dust extraction systems, Bag house Dust Collector in stainless steel construction.


  • Compact in size & High vacuum suction force
  • Low noise level & Heavy duty filter bags
  • More filtration area
  • Portable wheel attached unit
  • Custom made version as per requirements
  • Options for explosion proof and anti-static hose

Dust collector Applications:

  • Saw dust extraction
  • Fine wood chips dust collection
  • Thermocol dust collection
  • Plastic scrap dust collection
  • Fine dust collection
  • Compact size dust collector requirements places  etc…

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