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Mist Collector manufacturers

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Mist Collector Manufacturers:

Cleantek Oil Mist Collector is available in various capacities and designs for easy execution where coolant and oil mist is problem. Our Electrostatic machines are designed to use individually or in combination with 2 or 3 wet machining operations.
Cleantek  Mist Collector completely suck the mist and smoke inside the machine and it will be filtered various filtration process. Filters are designed to change and clean quickly. Our mist collector ensures increased productivity and morale improves by providing a cleaner working environment. Today, we are counted as the prospering Oil Mist Collection System Manufacturer in India. Cleantek offers both Centrifugal Oil Mist Collector and Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector.


Machine Advantages:
Filtration Capacity 99.9 %
Easy Maintenance
Heavy Duty Construction
Low Operation Cost
Low Noise Level
Easy Spares Availability
After Sales Service Support


Mist Collector manufacturers:

We are the leading mist collector manufacturers in India to extract the oil fume and oil mist from CNC machines. We manufacturing and exporting Oil mist collector, centralized Oil Mist fume and dust Collection systems. Dirty CNC coolant Mist contains harmful biocides, chemicals, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foaming agents. It is dangerous for workers and this produce skin irritation, eye irritation etc. We are the leading oil mist collector manufacturers for CNC machine to control air pollution in working atmosphere. It is available in various suction capacities and designs for easy execution where coolant and oil mist is problem.

Oil mist can cause slippery floors and deposited on machines, walls, ceilings and electronic circuit boards, creating an unpleasant and high-maintenance working environment. We are one of the best mist collector and service support company in India.

Mist Collector collects and removes the dangerous mist, fume keeps the air fresh ,clean in the workshop, and even helps prolong the maintenance period of the machines. Our machines are designed for space saving and energy saving mist collectors. Also we make complete construction with stainless steel mist extractors and flame proof motor attached models.


Mist Collector
Mist Collector,Centralized Fume Mist Collector


What is mist collector ?

Mist collector is an oil fume filtration device which is used in CNC wet machining operations. Oil mist fumes is fine micro particles generated when oil reach a high temperature and it evaporates to fume condition. The size of the oil mist depends on the conditions of the heating during the machining operation. Its size between 0.1µm to 3 µm, and returns to the original oil when it condenses by filtration and cooling process.

Latest CNC Machine Tools like high-speed milling, cutting, and grinding machines, while in operation have a lot of cutting heat result in vaporization of lubricating and cooling cutting fluid, causing a large amount of oil mist fume containing toxic harmful is come out. It is a serious threat to workers health and factory Atmosphere. CLEANTEK Manufacturing oil mist collector extract and filter the fume in various CNC machines process. Mist collector filter the debris, metal fine dust, fine oil fumes from CNC mist fume.

How mist collector work ?

In CNC machine During cutting and machining operation coolant or oil is forced on the cutting tool to minimize the temperature and cool down the heat. During that time due to heat oil or coolant converted into fumes. This fumes are very dangerous to workers health. All CNC machining operation are very fast and it is done with enclosed doors. So this fumes are come out suddenly during opening of doors. Which causes operator inhaling this oil fumes and it is going inside his lungs. Here is the trouble starting for workers, they cant able to work properly due to this kind of fumes.

Also this oil fume more toxic to workers health and leads to cancer. Skin irritation, vomiting, fever are some of the problems due to this oil fumes. So install a good mist collection system for your each CNC machines and save your workers health.

How Electrostatic filter work with fume ?

Mist collector suck the hazardous oil fume from CNC machine and filter it in four different filtration stages. After that air is come out to the working atmosphere in pure condition. This air is without oil mist , coolant mist ,dust and it is exhausted in the same working shop floor. Cleantek make Electrostatic Fume Mist Extraction System. It remove fine particulate matter such as dust and smoke from the air stream using the force of an induced electrostatic charge.

Electrostatic device that removes suspended dust and oil particles from sucked air and exhaust by applying a high-voltage electrostatic charge and collecting the particles on charged plates. This electrostatic filter unit contains 3 main parts are High voltage power supply unit, Ionizing section, Collection section. This collection system to be cleaned ( Preventive maintenance) periodically as per your usage.

Our Electrostatic model mist collector Extracting fume and mist from the CNC machines and will give 99.9 % pure air filtration process.

welding fume filtration
Oil fume filtration by electrostatic precipitation device working principle

We are the Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector manufacturers and design Mist Fume Collector for CNC Machine oil fumes extraction. It is used individually or in combination with 2 or 3 centralized wet machining operations. Our Mist Collector completely suck the mist and smoke inside the machine and it will be filtered various filtration stages. Filters are designed to change and easy to clean quickly. Our system ensures increased productivity and morale improves by providing a cleaner hygienic working environment.

We do small mist collector for small CNC machine process and oil compressor tank oil mist capture applications. Cleantek mist collector suitable for water based or oil based coolant mist and fume collection. Designed for easy to change the Filters quickly. This machine is also called as oil mist eliminators.

Benefits of mist collectors:

  • Keep fume free working environment and happy worker situation.
  • Protect oil fume inhaling by workers and keeping health safety
  • Oil and dust deposition avoided in costly circuit boards (PCB) and cooling fans. Because it is most important device.
  • Oil mist affect air condition system filters, So keeping mist collector it is prevented
  • Keeping shop floor safety from oil sticking in floors and walls

Mist collector fume dangers:

Eye irritation
Vomiting and lung damage
Skin irritation and skin colour changing
Bad sensation in throat and stomach
Headaches and fever
Breath problems

We are leading Mist Collector manufacturers and Design & CNC mist collector Products As following:  Our filter removes oil mist and oil smoke completely from your machine.

  • Mist Collector
  • Oil Spray Mist Extractors
  • Oil Mist Fume Extractors
  • Oil Fume Killers
  • Mechanical Mist Extractor
  • Toxic Fume Extractor
  • Electrostatic Oil Mist Fume Extractors

Individual Mist collector:

It is directly mounted on the machine or nearby the machine because it is in compact in size and simple maintenance is required. Cost effective system for small CNC shops. Machine contains multi stage filters like prefilter, mist filter, Electrostatic filter and Carbon filter etc. Individual mist collector suitable for parts washing machines, aerospace industry, CNC lathes, CNC machining centres.

Centralized Mist collector:

To extract the oil fumes it is mounted away from the machine shop and connected to multiple CNC machine . It required more power and ducting system. But maintenance is in one place only. Clean the filter periodically in one place. Also filtered oil is directly go to the individual machine sumps. This fume extraction system used in big CNC shop floors. Our efficient mist collector system keep your industry clean and green.

Please call us for study and suitable model for your CNC machines. Our technical team suggest you the efficient model suitable to suit your application. We are support to make fume hood suitable for mist and fume extraction in OEM machinery.

Technical Specifications:

SN Description MC50 MC100 MC200
1 Motor Power in Kw 0.37 0.75 1.5
2 Air flow in CMH 500 1000 1750
3 Filtration type Mechanical-Centrifugal Centrifugal Centrifugal
4 Filter Stage 3 Stage 4 stage Four Stage
5 Suction inlet in mm ∅ 50 ∅ 100 ∅ 125
6 rpm 2880 2880 2880
7 weight in kg 35 47 55
8 Overall Size in mm      



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