• Cleantek manufacturing Submerged Arc Welding Flux Recovery system, Compressed Air operated venturi type Flux Recovery Unit for welding automation applications. Automatic pick up and delivering the flux by high vacuum are some of the specialized features of our SAW Welding Flux Recovery Units that are available with 1 kW to 7.5 KW power capacities. Custom made models available as per the client-specific requirements. Lightweight and compact models available on request.
  • CLEANTEK design custom made flux recovery systems as per customer requirements like 2 hopper & 3 Hopper delivery systems.


Flux recovery unit is an essential accessory for the submerged arc welding process. Cleantek manufacturing flux recovery unit / Flux recycling unit contains Direct drive vacuum pump with cyclone separator, Dedatchable collection tank, Magnetic filter with hopper unit. Heating coils controls the temperature of the flux inside the hopper unit. Cleantek Manufacturing custom made models as per Submerged Arc Welding Manufacturers.


Submerged Arc Welding Flux Recovery System:

Submerged Arc Welding Flux Recovery Unit is necessary Tool to collect the Excess flux after welding Operations.



  • Direct Drive Maintenance Free Vacuum Pump
  • Custom Made Model
  • Heavy duty construction of Primary separator and secondary separator
  • Available in both Stationary model and Portable Models.
  • Magnetic Filter for filtering the metal parts
  • Heat Coil System for preheat the Flux
  • Powerful vacuum for to extract the Flux
  • Suitable for Continous Duty operations
  • Filter Shaker for manual Filter cleaning to maintain constant Suction to extract the flux


  • Single or multi suction points
  • Magnetic Filter
  • Save costlier flux recovery
  • High vacuum performance
  • Internal slag Tray
  • 3 Stage Filtartion
  • Electric or air operated models available
  • Compact models available
  • Optional Heater unit
  • Optional automatic filter cleaning system


  • Saves Valuable flux
  • Saving worker working hours
  • Neat working place and working conditions
  • Compact in Size & weight
  • Maintenance free IP55 protection Direct drive Vacuum unit
  • High Vacuum Capacity
  • Economy Price
  • Pneumatic Automation for Easy open /Close Flux recovery falling.


  • SAW welding machine
  • Beam Welding machine
  • Column and Boom Flux Recovery Systems


  • High Temperature rubber hose, so that it withstand welding high temperature
  • Metal Flat suction nozzle for flux suction nearby the welding operation.
  • Additional hopper for flux recycling to welding operation