Explosion proof vacuum cleaner:

ATEX is an abbreviation for “Atmosphères Explosibles”. The set of ATEX Directives and Standards is the EEC reference for protection against the danger of explosion in the presence of flammable gas and/or dust. The explosive atmosphere can contain flammable gases, Fine mists or vapors, or combustible dust. If there is a sufficient concentration of these substances, mixed with air, an ignition source can cause an explosion.
Cleantek Design and manufacturing various ranges of ATEX approved Explosion proof and Flame Proof Industrial grade Vacuum Cleaners.
We are the Leading manufacturer of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Hazardous Locations of Manufacturing process / Potentially Explosive atmospheres. Our Experts will suggest the suitable model for your applications.


Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner:

Cleantek Manufacturing Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner and ATEX grade Vacuum Cleaner for Hazardous cleaning Area.

Examples of potentially combustible dust like cereals, flour, starch, sugar, animal feed, light metals, coal, plastics etc.Flammable liquids will ignite (catch on fire) and burn very easily at normal working atmosphere temperatures.If there is a sufficient concentration of these substances, mixed with air, an ignition source can cause an explosion. Normal vacuum cleaner are cant used this cleaning applications. Special kind of cleantek ATEX vacuum cleaners prevent the triggering of potentially explosive mixtures.


Explosive Dusts groups:


Type of MaterialName of the GroupName of Material
Electrically Conductive DustEPowdered metals like Aluminium, Magnesium
Carbonaceous DustsFCarbon Black, Coal Dust, Coke Dust
Agricultural DustGGrain, Flour, Sugars, Spices, Rice,


Group E: metal dusts, such as aluminum and magnesium are highly abrasive. If it is goes inside the motor bearing it will generate overheat and failure of electric motor. Group E dust are highly conductive handle it care with explosion proof vacuum cleaner with wet bath separator.



  • Continous running 3 phase power operated
  • Direct Drive flame proof Induction motor
  • Maintenance Free vacuum unit
  • Anti-static Star filter in “L” class
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Flame proof control panel
  • Easy to move
  • Reliable unit with anti-static vacuum cleaner accessories

Technical Specifications:

SNTechnical ParametersIVCEX300IVCEX500
1Motor Power in Kw2.23.7
2ConstructionStainless SteelStainless Steel
3Suction Pressure in mm of Wg20003000
4Airflow in CFM182239
5Explosion GroupMotors with Gas Group I & IICMotors with Gas Group I & IIC
6Motor ProtectionATEXATEX
7ApplicationIgnitable atmospheres present in hazardous locations- Zone 1 ,

Zone 2

Ignitable atmospheres present in hazardous locations-Zone 1,

Zone 2

8Control Panel
9Motor DesignContinuous duty Three-phase (TEFC -IE2 /IE3) explosion proof/dust ignition proof motorContinuous duty Three-phase (TEFC-IE2 -IE3) explosion proof/dust ignition proof motor
10FilterPleated Anti-static filterPleated Anti-static Filter
11HEPA FilterYesYes
12Cleaning usageDryDry

Related Industrial vacuum cleaner model


  • 3 stage filtration
  • ESD free
  • Portable unit
  • Electrically driven model
  • Filtration level upto 0.3 micron


ATEX Zone2222
TypeWet and DryWet and Dry
Power2.2 KW3.7 KW
Air Flow230 M3 / Hr400 M3 / Hr
Water lift2000 mm3000 mm
Filter Area Cm21200024000
Tank Capacity30 Liters40 Liters
MOC TankSS 316SS 316
Power415 V / 50 Hz415 V / 50 Hz
Weight97 Kg130 Kg
Filter3 stage filtration/ CYCLONE / CLOTH FILTER /HEPA3 stage filtration/ CYCLONE / CLOTH FILTER /HEPA
Db (A)> 75< 81


  • Pharma Industries
  • Powder Industries
  • Plastic granule Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Clean Rooms
  • Powder coating plants
  • Semi conductor manufacturing industries