Dust Collector:

Cleantek design and Manufacturing Dust Collector for Various kind dust collection purpose in Industries. This kind of Industrial Dust Collector helps for hygienic atmosphere in working place.



  • Cyclone attached Dust Collector
  • Manual cleaning Dust Collector
  • Automatic Pulse Cleaning Dust Collector
  • Laser Welding Dust Collector
  • Laser Cutting Dust Collector
  • Filtering Various kind of Dust and Fume Particles


Dust Collector:

Cleantek Manufacturing various models of Dust Collector to capture the dust from production process in Industries.



  • Dust Extraction from Polishing of Metal Parts
  • Dust Suction from Cutting Process
  • Used for All kind of Industrial Dust Extraction applications
  • Grinding Process Dust Collection
  • Various kind of Dust Clean Equipment etc…



High Efficiency Filtration Level Catridge Filter

IE2 Energy Efficient Induction motor

Powder coated Structure

Strong Suction Power and constant Airflow

Builtin Electrical Control Panel


Our other Products Services:

Design, Production and installation of Centralized Industrial Dust extractors, Welding fume exhausting systems, wood and saw dust collectors, Welding fume and Smoke extractors, oil mist separators for CNC tool machines, Centralized Oil Mist Collectors,Vehicle Exhaust Extraction systems, dust collection systems for car repair shops, installations with industrial Fume Extraction hoods, HEPA Dust collections systems,Portable air filtration and cleaning units, Portable high vacuum filtration units.