Single Bag Dust Collectorwood dust collection
Double bag Dust Collector for wood dust collection
Single Bag Dust Collector
wood dust collection

Double bag Dust Collector:

Double Bag Dust Collector models are mostly used in Wood Working Machines to extract the dust collection during the machine processing. Cleantek Offering Double bag Dust Collector Price is Economical range.


  • High Efficiency Fitted Electric Motor
  • Direct Drive Unit
  • Energy Efficient Metal Impeller Fan
  • Own Manufacturing with Weight Balanced Impeller Fan


Double Bag Dust Collector:

Cleantek Manufacturing Double Bag Dust Collector,Dust Cleaner for Wood Working Industries to collect the Bulk wood dust collection particles. Fine Wood Dust are hazardous for workers inside and around the Factory Premises. Double bag Dust Collector have more filtration area in Filter Bag. So that it will maintain the airflow for long Period to extract the dust.

How it is Working:

Due to High Speed of Impeller fan Centrifugal Force is created. It is Create the Low Vacuum Air Pressure Nearby the Impeller Centre Part. The Centre part is Connected with Suction Port and vacuum Hose to the dust produced place. The Free flow Dust Particles are sucked to the hose and to the machine inside. After that all dust and air is pushed to the Connected Filter Bag. This Process is Continous , so that continuously all dust particles will be extracted inside the filter bag unit. Based upon the volume of dust filter bag quantity will be added.

wood dust collection

wood dust collector manufacturers

If Big Volume of dust is collected with Cyclone Separator then it is connected to the Dust Collector bag unit. Some Models available with automatic Filter Cleaning system.

Dust Collecting Machine is used in Plastic injection molding cutting dust collection,Grinding Dust Extraction,Graphite Dust Extraction,CNC Router Dust Collection,Sander Dust Extraction,Wood Carving Dust Collection,Plastic Pipe Cutting Dust Collection,Tablet Packing Dust Extraction, etc..


Dust Collector Features:

  • Energy Efficient Induction Motor
  • High Efficiency Design & Large Volume Dust Collection
  • ON / Off Control unit
  • High Airflow Impeller fan
  • Low Noise & Low Power Consumption
  • Improve Quality of Production
  • Reduce Down -Time Of Machines( Because Dust Collector Suck Dust Particles, So that Depositing of dust in Machines are avoided.
  • Improving Working Atmosphere and Safe Place for Workers
  • Increase Workers Morality


  • Saw Dust Collection
  • Wood Working Dust Collection & Wood Waste Dust Extraction
  • Air Filtration
  • Wood Dust Waste Management
  • Safe handling of Combustible Wood Dust


Technical Specifications:

1Motor power in Hp35
2Airflow in CFM12952060
3Number of Filter Bags4 No4 No
4Suction inlet in mm∅ 150∅ 100 X 2
5Power Input415 V / 50 Hz415 V / 50 Hz
6Running cycleContinuous dutyContinuous duty

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