Dust Extraction systems are need for increased Productivity and a Cleaner Work Environment in manufacturing plants. For that applications Cleantek design and developed dust Source capture system in different industries. Our dust collection system has multi-level filtrations like Cyclone /Bag Filter /Cartridge Filter / HEPA filter as per customer requirements.
These models are suitable for collecting Normal Dust Extraction / Capture usage. Various applications details as following

  • Bench Grinder Dust Extraction
  • Abrasive Dust Extraction
  • Grinding Dust Extraction
  • Buffing Dust Extraction
  • Router Dust Extraction etc


Compact Dust Collector:

Cleantek design manufacturing compact size vacuum cleaner for small applications. We are making tailor made dust collector suitable for dust and fume collection applications.



  • Grinding Dust Extractor
  • Mechanical Dust Collector for Buffing Dust Extraction
  • Industrial Dust Collector Manufacturers for Booth Ventilation
  • Dust Removal Process


  • Compact in Size
  • Manual Filter Shaker
  • More Filtration Area
  • Portable Version
  • Stainless steel version
  • Low Noise Level


HP 0.5 1 2 3
Volts/Hz 415/50 415/50 415/50 415/50
Airflow in m3/Hr 500 1000 1850 2900
Suction inlet mm Ø50 Ø 100 Ø 125 Ø 150
Motor Protection IP55 IP55 IP55 IP55
Insulation class F F F F


  • Compact Dust Collector
  • Unit Dust Collector
  • Automatic Pulsejet Dust Collector
  • Cyclone Attached Pulsejet Dust Collector