Cleantek manufacturing cnc cleaner machine. Its function is to clean the metal burrs , chips, fine dust, coolant cleaning etc. This kind of industrial vacuum cleaners are used in lot of industries to clean their manufacturing places and ware house etc…

Automatic CNC Machine Tools need to be regularly ( Routine) cleaned and maintained to keep them running smoothly. Failure to clear away dirt, metal burr, material and other debris could result in a build-up which over time can result in inaccuracies in machining or even machine failures. Keep your machines keep clean and avoid breakdowns due to dust and metal chips.

cnc cleaner

cleantek manufacturing heavy duty vacuum cleaner for cnc cleaning applications.

Cleantek developed and manufacturing heavy duty wet & dry vacuum cleaners. Keep the work floor area clean and free from any dust, dirt, mites etc. Develop hygienic environment, good health and safety aspects for workers.. Our model was developed to meet the requirements for vacuuming dust and powder, solid and liquid materials and is equipped with continuous duty direct drive induction vacuum motor which requires no maintenance. This cnc cleaner machine mostly used in automobile cnc machine shops, metal cutting industries etc.. It is made for heavy duty suction application. The metal frame with caster wheels simultaneously provides for maximum stability and mobility of the industrial vacuum cleaner. The total unit is epoxy powder coated and total system is attached with heavy duty portable wheels.