Cleantek manufacturing Various kind of Aquaculture blowers for Oxygen supply for Fish Pond. Cleantek Direct Drive ring blowers are very useful dry oxygen supply to fish pond. Fish can grow in short time and supply of fresh air for Growing in fish pond and farms. Now-a-days in India a high demand for seafood like Fish, Fish,Prawns, Shrimps and it need to breathe Oxygen in water.Aquaculture is important role in sea food industry, Small scale level lot of farmers started fish form and get more money.
Why Oxygen Need in Aquaculture:
As fish absorb oxygen through direct contact with water, content of dissolved oxygen is the most important factor in
fish growing and live in fish farming. Oxygen also helps to control the effects of temperature. Sufficient oxygen is required for fishes to live in water.Aquaculture blowers will lower CO2 levels through a chemical reaction in water. Air Blower provide enough oxygen for your aquarium for healthy fish farm.
Cleantek Manufacturing aquaculture air blowers for Fish pond aeration. Our Blowers are oil free and supply high volume air supply comparing the other vacuum pumps and compressors.Oxygen is must for fish alive, So our side channel blowers mostly used in fish farms, all kind of aqua farms, Sea Foods manufacturing plants. Various sizes of diffusers are used to with our aeration blowers.We are the leading oxygen blower suppliers for Aquaculture. This blowers are called as turbine blower or Side Channel Blower or Fish Pond Blower etc…


Aquaculture Blower:

Cleantek manufacturing Aquaculture Blower ( Hatchery Blower) for fish farm aeration purpose. It is used in aeration for aquaculture in many fish farms and ponds. This blower also called as regenerative blower ,Ring Blower, Vortex blower, side channel blower. Fish,Prawns, Shrimps need to breathe Oxygen in water. We are the leading aquaculture blower manufacturers in south India. This oil free compressor is used by lot of small farmers and in big and medium fish ponds. In fish farming oxygen supply aquarium blower is most important.

Why aquaculture need air blower:

Sufficient oxygen is required for fishes to live in water.Air blowers will lower CO2 levels through a chemical reaction. Oxygen enter water by surface agitation and Supply air threw pipeline inside water.Air Blower provide enough oxygen for your aquarium. Aquaculture air blower supply oxygen to fish farms .Fish, Prawns, Shrimps need to breathe Oxygen in water.

Design Construction:

Continous duty Induction motor with completely high grade copper winding helps to run the blower 24 X 7 continuous oxygen supply to Fish Pond. This Fish Pond aeration blower available in single phase, Three Phase and Belt Drive options. Also custom made pressure blower available. This aquaculture blowers are direct drive version, so maintenance free. We are supplying this blowers all over India and Abroad.

Working principle:

A direct drive electric motor run the impeller fan of high rpm (2880) in enclosed minimum clearance casing. The impeller suck the air and compress in each rings and blow out the air in high pressure.


  • Energy efficient induction motor with Direct drive vacuum pump
  • Since it is operated without oil, the outgoing dry air is clear
  • Air flow is continuous without a pulsation
  • Suitable for continuous running
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Compact Size
  • Available in 230 V / 50 Hz and 415 V / 50 Hz
  • Noiseless design
  • Reliable unit and value for money and Long life


  • Fish pond aeration
  • Fish Tank aeration
  • Sewage and wastewater disposal plant – Aeration tank, cleaning tank
  • Oxygen supply for Aquaculture farms and ponds
  • Synthetic resin – Cubical transfer of the powder, hopper loader and frame seal
  • Culturing of marine products, fish-farm, live-fish transport vehicle and aquarium.
  • Milking machine for the stock raising use, fermentation device and transfer of feed.
  • Woodworking machine, router machine, sand machine and absorption backing machine
  • Metal manufacturing machine, gilding tank, spray, transfer of material
  • Food manufacturing machine, automatic lining machine, stirring machine and charger
  • Printer and copier, medical devices, sauna, fabric machine, wrapping machine and many more.


Download Here Technical Specifications and Catalog :


Technical Specifications:



in Kw


in CMH

Pressure in mm of WGVoltage

in Volts


in kg

2050.3780130230 / 41510
4105A1.3145200Three Phase17
52A1.5210200415 / 5021
63A2.2305200Three Phase30
75A3.7400330415 / 5042
87A5.5750570Three Phase65
910A7.5800570415 V70


Ring blower Dimensional Drawing:

Ring blower dimensional drawing

Ring blower drawing



  • Fish Farm Air Blower
  • Aqua Air Blowers
  • Hatchery Air Supply Blower
  • Fish Pond Aeration
  • Oxygen Supply Air Blower
  • Ring Blower for Fish Tank
  • Air supply for Sea Food Industry
  • Fish Pond Aerator Blower


  • Our Aeration blowers are Compact in Size and running continously supply dry air
  • Oil Free Pure Oxygen Supply to fish pond
  • Direct Drive Motor and less Power Consumption
  • No Maintenance for 3 to 5 years
  • Available in 0.25 Hp to 15 Hp Power Capacity
  • Silent Running and Less Noise Level
  • Continous duty and Protection class is IP55.
  • Various Frequency 50 HZ & 60 HZ are available
  • Made of die cast aluminum
  • Both usage of Compressor and Vacuum (suction and blow).
  • Virtually maintenance free, with SKF Double sealed long life bearings.