Cleantek design and manufacturing various ranges of airknife with high pressure blowers suitable for drying and water and dust blow-off applications.


Stainless Steel & Powder Coated Version Construction
Uniform and Steady Airflow and constant Pressure
Air gap slots can be adjusted as per your requirements
Maintenance Free & Safe to use
Bottle Cleaning

  • Applications in Industry:
    Drying water Particles from Bottle, Pouch, package, Any kind Products
    Cooling of hot Products from process
    Cleaning of Dust, Metal debris from various production process
    Copper Wire Cleaning
    Conveyor Cleaning
    Vegetables Cleaning
    Engine Parts Drying
    Rubber sheet Drying



Air Knife:
Air knife or air knife blower used for blow-off the liquid, dust, and debris removal from products prior to labeling, Parts drying, ink jet laser coating, packaging etc… Air knife drying system generate high velocity, high impact air stream to remove the dust and moisture from parts. Our Air Knife Price is Cheaper compare with other suppliers. We are the best air knife manufacturers in India and it is used in various liquor manufacturing plant in India. Air knife particularly used in food processing and packaging industries.

Air Knife Drying System

Working Principle:

High Volume with medium pressure of blower air passed threw the two metal blades in Laminar airflow pattern. It will created the impact air velocity of the surface of the products. Some place anti-static bars are used to neutralize the static electricity of the dust.

Cleantek manufacturing two kind of Systems.

  1. Compressed Air knife
  2. Blower Powered Air knife

Compressed Powered Pneumatic model:

It is working with compressor air available in factories and need to buy only airknife nozzle. It cane be connect with existing compressor airline. This nozzle is positioned top side or side wise and air is blow on the surface of the product. Due to High pressure Air curtain hitting the surface of the product , so that dust is blow-off outside and moisture removed.

air knife blower for bottles drying


This kind of models are in economy and need to connect with existing compressed air. For small applications it is well suit. various length available to suit air spray or air blowing applications.


We make air knife as per your application and maintain production standard and quality level.

Airknife Operated with Compressed air for Moisture drying

Parts Drying, Conveyor cleaning, Parts Cleaning


Blower Powered model:

It is working with medium pressure blower air supply of high volume of air to the unit. Comparatively It is cost effective solution for bulk applications. This kind of models are well suited for continuous running and big applications. Running cost is very low and it is totally maintenance free. Stainless steel construction assures corrosion resistance and long life. Heavy duty construction and manufactured in our in-house facilities ensure high performance of product and quality. Various length models are available and standard models are ready for delivery. This kind airknife is making high impact air velocity on products, so that all kind of dust and water blow out easily and efficiently. We arrange installation support and after sales service support facility all over India. We are doing continuous research and developments for efficient products to our customers.

Airknife for Parts Drying

Suitable for for Moisture Cleaning, Conveyor cleaning


Cleantek design and supply air knife for copper wire drying after extrusion process in various industries like mobile phone charger manufacturers.Instead for compressed air blowing we replaced with blower mounted air knife. This model support to reduce the electrical power consumption.


  • Low Power energy consumption
  • Dry, clean, oil-free High Velocity air stream
  • Filter attached blower inlet to provide pure air
  • Increased production speeds
  • Reduced sound levels when compared to compressed air systems
  • Energy Efficient Device
  • Energy saving method
  • Easy to Install
  • No Maintenance


  • Bottle air Drying system
  • Moisture Drying from Metal Parts
  • Beverages Cans and Jars Drying
  • Bottling Plant Parts Drying
  • Parts Cooling
  • Printed Circuit Board Drying
  • Water Spray Drying
  • Moisture Drying
  • Parts Cooling

Technical Specifications:

1Length in mm1003005007001000
2Blower power in kw0.371.
3Air flow in CMH85200305400650
4ConstructionStainless steelSS 202Stainless Steel 304Stainless Steel 202 /304Stainless Steel


Air knife Dimensional Drawing:

Air knife Drawing

Air knife Drawing

Airknife working video :

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