Pulse Jet Dust Collector Manufacturers:

Cleantek manufacturing cyclone attached automatic pulse cleaning dust collector suitable multipoint dust extraction from grinding, blending, mixing, transferring process. We are the Leading Pulse Jet Dust Collector Manufacturers in Coimbatore, Chennai ,India.

Dust Collector Working principle:

High capacity centrifugal blower is connected with airtight metal box container threw the Cartridge filter or cloth filters.Dust is extracted threw the ducting and suction hose to the metal container. Filters are cleaning by automatic filter cleaning device.

Automatic Pulse Jet Dust Collector
Automatic Pulse Jet Dust Collector,Dust Extraction

Dust collector Parts:

  • Centrifugal Blower
  • Cyclone Separator
  • Filters
  • Filter Cleaning System
  • Ducting with Suction Hood
  • Rotary Valve
  • Control Panel

We are the dust collector manufacturers in Coimbatore and supply custom made dust collection system from wood dust extraction, Lathe Dust Extraction, Pump Industries Dust Collection etc…

Compact Unit Dust Collector
Bag Dust Collector
Automatic Pulse Jet Dust Collector
Cyclone Dust Collector
Centralized Dust Collector
Foundry Dust Collector
Wood Dust Collection System


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