Portable Dust Collector:

We are the portable dust collector manufacturers in Coimbatore . Cleantek make custom made Portable suction system with suction arm to extract the dust from various production Process. Our dust extraction unit  built with Effective shaking mechanism or Automatic pulse-jet cleaning is used to clean the filter to maintain the airflow inside the dust collecting machine. To prevent suitable high quality dust collectors required in industries. Cleantek making portable grinding powder collection system and multi point suction unit to capture this kind of fine dust. Our filters are control the air pollution in working atmosphere.

Machine attached with suction hose or adjustable suction arm to extract the dust from various process.

Portable Welding Fume Extractor
Portable Dust Collector 

Dust Extraction systems are need for increased Productivity and a Clean Work Environment in production plants. For that applications Cleantek design and developing dust Source capture / extraction system in different industries. Our machine has multi level filtrations like vacuum power, compact size and running in very low noise level. We offer custom made dust collection units for OEM clients in stainless steel 316 0r 304 version.


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