Pneumatic Operated Vacuum Cleaner:

Cleantek Manufacturing Pneumatic Operated Vacuum Cleaner for hazardous and fine pharmaceutical powder cleaning applications. Its filtration system that can handle both wet or dry cleaning usage. Its main filter anti-static copper-blended polyester to assure conductivity to neutralize. The vacuum cleaner can be equipped with an optional grounded HEPA or ULPA filter, achieving 99.999% of all ultrafine particles, down to and including 0.3 microns.

Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners
Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaners, ATEX Vacuum Cleaners Manufacturers

Pneumatic Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner utilizes compressed air, it can be used where electricity is not available. The vacuum cleaner features a venturi with no moving parts, making it virtually maintenance free. Main features are strong suction power and less noise level and easy to move.

The vacuum is also equipped with a spark-proof trolley, featuring conductive wheels and a protective foam-padded handle. Debris may be safely collected directly into the 19-gallon, food grade tank, made of non-sparking stainless steel. An optional drain valve allows liquid debris to be disposed of easily. Special non-sparking conductive accessories, including overhead and floor cleaning tools, hoses and brushes, are also available. To ensure conductivity, the vacuum comes standard with a ground continuity tester.

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