Pneumatic Conveyor:

Vacuum Conveyors is an easy and high efficiency method of Transferring or moving or conveying fine chips, powders, Granulated material, Spice powders, Food powders, medical Capsules to another place. This system an enclosed airtight

Portable Vacuum Conveyor
Portable Vacuum Loader, Hopper Loader, Portable Vacuum Conveying System

vacuum unit and conveying powder with Clean Hygienic manner. Hopper Loaders are maintenance-free conveying unit and occupy less space comparing another conveying system.

This system integrated with high vacuum unit attached with automatic filter cleaning system in stainless steel container. Static free system and explosion proof Centralized powder Transfer systems available as per client’s requirements. Cleantek hopper Loaders are used in many branded pharma, chemical, plastic, Food industries etc…

We are the Leading manufacturers of Vacuum Conveyors in various size and Loading Capacity.

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