Oil Sump Cleaner:

We are the manufacturers of Oil Sump Cleaner for CNC machine cleaning, Machine shop tray cleaning and Metal working Machinery oil and coolant cleaning. Direct Drive vacuum system produce strong vacuum to extract the cutting fluid and metal sludge to collection tank. Multistage stainless steel filtration unit filter the metal debris and coolant. Pure coolant collected on collection tank.

Oil Sump Cleaning
Oil Filtration Machine

Cleantek design and manufacturing portable type Fluid oil sump cleaner and metal chips recovery system for engineering industries used in CNC machining shops. This machine removes the dust,coolant,sludge, dirt and chips from the oil sump, filters the dust, sludge and chips from the coolant and returns the filtered pure coolant to the oil sump. This Fluid filtration system keeps the CNC machines clean and free of bacteria and fungus. Tiltable Metal chips collection tank helps easy to collect the metal chips removal process.

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