Mist Extractor:

A mist extractor is a type of air pollution control device that is designed to remove mist, oil, and other airborne liquids from industrial exhaust streams. Mist extractors are similar to mist collectors, but they typically use different technologies to capture and remove the mist particles.

Our Machines are commonly used in metalworking applications such as machining, grinding, and welding, where oil mist and other liquids are generated during the manufacturing process. They can also be used in other industrial applications such as food processing, chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Centralized Mist Collector for CNC oil mist Fume Extraction
Centralized Mist Collector, Mist Collector, Fume Collector

There are several different types of models available including electrostatic precipitators, media filters, and centrifugal mist extractors. Electrostatic precipitators use an electric charge to attract and collect the mist particles, while media filters use a porous material such as fiberglass or synthetic mesh to capture the mist. Centrifugal mist extractors use centrifugal force to separate the mist particles from the air stream.

cleantek Oil smoke ESPs typically consist of a series of collection plates that are charged with an electric current. As the exhaust stream passes through the plates, the charged particles are attracted to the plates and adhere to them. The plates are periodically cleaned to remove the collected particles and allow for continued operation.

Oil smoke ESPs are effective at removing fine particles from exhaust streams, but they can be expensive to operate and maintain. The collection plates require regular cleaning, and the ESPs can consume a significant amount of electricity. However, oil smoke ESPs are an important tool for ensuring worker safety and environmental compliance in industrial settings, and they are often required by local and national air quality regulations.

CNC oil mist collector
Mist Collector, Oil Mist Eliminator

These Filtration system are important tools for ensuring worker safety and environmental compliance in industrial settings. By capturing and removing mist and other airborne liquids, these devices can help to improve air quality, protect worker health, and reduce the risk of fires and explosions in the workplace. Additionally, mist extractors can help to reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of equipment by preventing the buildup of oil and other liquids on machinery and surfaces.

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