Mist Collector for CNC Machines:

Cleantek manufacturing Mist Collector for CNC Machines , Coolant smoke mist collector for CNC Machines to extract the fumes and oil mist form cnc machines.

Mist Collector major Function is to filter or capture the very micro oil or Coolant Droplets from CNC machine compartment.

CNC Machine Tools like high-speed milling, cutting, and grinding machines, while in operation have a lot of cutting heat result in
vaporization of lubricating and cooling cutting fluid, causing a large amount of oil mist fume containing toxic harmful is come out. It is a serious threat to workers health and factory Atmosphere.

CNC oil mist collector
Oil Mist Eliminator

We manufacture Industrial Filtration and Extraction system for Smoke Fume and Oil Filtration Systems.

Our multistage Filtration System with Electrostatic Filter supports to achieve the 99 % Filtration Efficiency.

Cleantek Oil mist Filter is available in various filtration capacities and designs for easy execution where coolant and oil mist is problem. Our Electrostatic Fume Filter is designed to use individually or in combination with 2 or 3 wet machining centralized operations for high Efficient Filtration Level. Filtration and Suction unit completely suck the mist and smoke inside the machine and it will be filtered in multistage filtration process. Filters are designed to change and clean easy & quickly.

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