Laser Dust Collector Manufacturers:

We are the Laser Dust Collector manufacturers and design Fume Extractor and Dust Filtration Equipment for  Laser processing applications. During laser process very very ultra fine dust and Fumes produced . This hazardous dust ,fume spread on the work floor  area and possible ways are there during inhaling deposit in workers lungs. Need to filter this dust, fume during laser process otherwise it will affect the productivity.

Laser Dust Collector for fibre laser dust extraction and fume extraction
Laser Dust and Fume Collector

Cleantek design and supplying mobile fume extraction unit, Compact Suction Unit, Industrial Fume Extraction System etc.. Our Laser Fume Extraction system filter capture the fumes upto 99.99 % Filtration. Our machines used to capture the fumes from laser Cutter, Fiber laser Cutting, Laser Marking ,Soldering etc…


  • Occupy Less Space
  • High Filtration capacity @99.9 %
  • Multistage filtration
  • Catridge Filter easy to replace & Less maintenance
  • Continuous running IP55 Induction motor
  • Available in 100 cmh to 20000 cmh airflow extraction capacity
  • Optional Flame proof induction motor

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