Laser Cutter Dust Collector:

Cleantek manufacturing Laser Cutter Dust Collector and fume extractor control systems removes 99.9 % of laser fumes and dust particles. These fume extractors are available in stationary or portable version. Our products are cost effective, reliable and value for money.

Smoke Extraction:

Laser fume extractor extract the toxic airborne Dust particles and fume from the laser marking applications.

Laser Dust Collection
Laser Dust Collector, Laser Fume Extractor

Machine Features:

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Filtration capacity upto 3 microns @ 99.9 %
  • Multiple filtration stages
  • More Filtration area
  • Filter easy to replace & maintenance
  • Continuous running IP55 Induction motor
  • Available in 100 cmh to 20000 cmh airflow extraction capacity
  • Optional Flame proof motor
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