Industrial Regenerative Blower:

Cleantek Manufacturing aquaculture Industrial Regenerative Blower air blowers for pond aeration, Oxygen supply in fish farms, air agitation in electroplating industry. These Regenerative Blowers available in Single stage and Double stage versions. Single stage models used  for High volume and medium pressure applications like aeration upto 3 meter water height. Double stage Blowers are used for Less Volume with high pressure applications like Sewage water Treatment.

Ring blower for aeration
Ring blower for aeration

Regenerative blower is an compact and direct drive blower model used in various suction and pressure applications. It is produced in single impeller fan and double impeller fan design to increase the delivery pressure. To achieve high efficiency electric motor and blower impeller is directly fitted. This ring blower available in regular IE2, IP55 protection, Belt drive and IP65 Explosion proof versions. This blower called in various names like side channel blower, vortex blower, Turbine blower etc… Some of the applications of this blower as following.

  • Aquaculture for water aeration
  • Electroplating liquid agitation
  • Sewage treatment water agitation

Biofloc technology is sustainable and environment friendly process of fish farm aquaculture. Biofloc unit required continuous huge oxygen aeration in fish farm water. Sufficient oxygen ensure the fishes grow well and stay healthy. Pure oxygen enables higher growth of fish in small area water ponds.

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