Industrial Centralized Vacuum Systems:

Cleantek manufacturing Industrial Centralized Vacuum Systems, Centralized Vacuum Cleaners, Centralized Dust Collectors for All kind of Dust Collection use.

Central Vacuum Cleaner
Centralized Vacuum Systems

Centralized Vacuum Cleaners are occupies less space and easy to operate. Only suction port are provided to each room or place. All suction ports are connected by metal piping to the centralized Vacuum Cleaner unit. All dust and debris are collected in collection tank in the Industrial grade Vacuum Cleaner Unit. Centralized vacuum cleaner suitable for continuous running and heavy duty cleaning applications in foundries, Flour mills, Rubber industries.

Centralized Dust Collection
Dust Collector for multi point Dust Extraction system

Cleantek design and manufacturing large ducting and Centralized Dust Collector to suck the dust from various processing machines.
In wood working industry, furniture making industry, Plastic industry using lot of machines to process the raw materials. This machines produces certain percentage of dust during the machine process. These dust are extracted with heavy suction force to the centralized dust collection system.

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