High volume Hot Air Blower:

We design high volume hot air blower and manufacturing in different size. High volume of air blower with high temperature used for parts drying applications.

Cleantek hot air blowers are used in Curing, Melting, Shrinking, Drying, Warming, Sterilization applications in various industries.

Hot Air blower Unit for drying
Hot air blower unit supply high temperature air for drying

Adjustable heat (Temperature) output and adjustable air volume.
Digital displayed control for air volume and heat output.
Integrated temperature probe
Digital temperature readout display

Cleantek manufacturing hot air blower for drying and debris blow off applications in food packaging industries.

Hot air blowers are used in coconut fibre industries to drying the fibre and coir pith. Removing fibre from coir pith is very difficult due to moisture content of coir. Our hot air blowers are used to dry or evaporate the moisture content in coir industries.Hot air blower also called as Industrial hot air generator due to generating hot air.High temperature air is produced using industrial heater coils and continuously supply hot air as per control setting. We can adjust airflow and temperature as per your requirements.Please contact us for more technical specifications. Dehumidification

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