Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner:

Cleantek Manufacturing Industrial Three Phase Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for continuous running and heavy duty cleaning applications. Our machines are 24 hours continues running usages and no need to replace any carbon brush or vacuum motor. Our Vacuum motor is fitted with induction motor to run continuously. Our Industrial grade vacuums are used in different industries to clean the dust and debris in Textiles, foundry, pump industries, pharma etc…

Three phase wet & Dry vacuum cleaner for industrial floor cleaning, machine cleaning, metal chips cleaning etc.
Industrial vacuum cleaner for cleaning applications


  • Suitable for Continuous duty running capacity
  • Direct drive maintenance free vacuum pump
  • High vacuum suction capacity
  • Low noise level
  • Large Filtration Area
  • Variety of cleaning accessories
  • Easy disposal of waste
  • Electrical control panel
  • Heavy-duty construction and
  • Electric Power cable
  • Heavy duty wheels for easy to move
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