Fume Wet Scrubber:

Cleantek design and manufacturing Fume wet scrubber for acidic and highly hazardous fumes and dust extraction from industrial exhaust gases.Wet scrubbers are a air pollution control equipment used to remove a variety of air pollutants from exhaust gas from melting furnaces,plastic film making industries,Rubber processing industries etc…

Wet Scrubber
Wet Scrubber for Corrosive gas Neutralize process

They are also used for removal of noxious and corrosive contaminants components from the flue gases generated by many process in process plans. The gas is then washed with suitable liquid using spray nozzles. The suitable packed bed provides large contact surface for the gases and liquid to mix and hence traps the pollutants.

  • More collection & neutralization of gas pollutants & solid particles
  • Hazardous fumes are collected
  • Easy maintenance
  • Minimum emission level
  • Compact in size & easy to operate
  • Handling with high temperature gases also
  • Wet scrubber price is comparatively low with other systems
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