Fume Extractor for Soldering:

CLEANTEK manufacturing Fume Extractor for soldering fume purification applications. Machines are manufactured for heavy duty industrial use to capture the pollution at source. Soldering fume are unbreathable. All kind of soldering fume need Local exhaust ventilation to capture potentially harmful dusts, fumes or vapors. Cleantek soldering fume purification unit is designed to extract VOC fumes and odors and prevent them from entering an operator’s breathing zone.

Soldering fume Extraction
Soldering Fume Extractor, Fume Extractor, Chemical smoke filtration, Dust and Fume Extraction

Unit attached with a portable wheels frame to move wherever fume extraction is required. Fume extractor consist of 4 stage filtration with modern electrostatic filtration system. This electrostatic filtration requires periodic cleaning only. The Extractor Features four stage filtration and purification. System controlled by a control panel operated at 415 V / 50 Hz.

Cleantek design and supplying mobile fume extraction unit, Compact Suction Unit, Industrial Fume Extraction System etc..

Machine Features:

  • Easy to move one place to another place.
  • Suitable for continuous working without any trouble.
  • CE approved induction motor for energy efficiency.
  • High rate of suction airflow and purifying efficiency is more than 99.9 % and pure air is discharge to workshop atmosphere.
  • Electronic panel board for “Filter cleaning stage” warning.
  • Spark arrester, Multi stage filters and Electrostatic filter is easy to clean.
  • Our Mobile soldering Fume Extractor helps to maintain pollution free atmosphere in work place.
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