Flux Recovery Unit:

Cleantek manufacturing submerged arc welding flux recovery unit for welding automation applications. Welding flux consist of lime, silica, manganese oxide, calcium fluoride, and other compounds. Recycling process ( Recover and reuse) of this flux is most important in welding automation. Flux is mixing of granular kind of insulative material and it is filled over the weld which is protects against heavy sparks and spatter. This welding flux is increase the quality of weld.

Submerged arc welding flux recovery
Flux recovery system

Also this flux act as a barrier that holds the high heat in and concentrates the heat into the weld area to keep deep penetration. Also a layer of granular flux provides a protective cover which the welding occurs. This welding flux recovery unit consists of maintenance free high vacuum pump ,filtration system, Hopper unit, Withstanding High temperature rubber hose and Heater unit. Cleantek design and supply single header and multi header welding flux recovery unit.

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