Fish Pond Blower:

Cleantek manufacturing Fish Pond Blower and Air Blower for Biofloc Fish farming. Air is most important for Fish growing and live in the pond. In Night time oxygen level is going very low in fish ponds.

Aquaculture Blower Aeration
Aquaculture Air Blower, Fish farm Blower, Ring Blower, Direct Drive Blower

We are design and custom built air blower for aquaculture tanks. Fish and Prawn aeration is most necessary for growing. The total oxygen level is come down due to more co2 .

No.1 Turbine Blower Manufacturers in Coimbatore, India for fish pond aeration, Fish pond oxygen supply applications. Single stage & double stage. Oxygen transfer efficiency increases in diffused-air aeration systems with tank depth and the amount of time the air bubbles remain in the water column. Our aeration products as following.

Our high airflow supply blowers meets the oxygen requirements in big fish ponds. Supply air is 100 % oil free and easily dissolved in water due to large amount of bubbles. This air root blower maintain airflow and pressure in Bio floc ponds.

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