Fish Pond Aerator Blower:

Cleantek Manufacturing aquaculture air blowers, Fish Pond Aerator blower for pond aeration in fish farms. Our Blowers are oil free and supply high volume air supply comparing the other vacuum pumps and compressors. Oxygen is must for fish alive, So our side channel blowers mostly used in fish farms, all kind of aqua farms, Sea Foods manufacturing plants. Various sizes of diffusers, aeration pipes are used to with our blowers. We are the leading oxygen blower suppliers in Aquaculture Industry.

Biofloc air blower for air agitation
We are the leading air blower manufacturers for bio floc aeration in fish pond.


As fish absorb oxygen through direct contact with water, content of dissolved oxygen is the most important factor in fish growing and live in fish farming. Oxygen also helps to control the effects of temperature.
Sufficient oxygen is required for fishes to live in water. Aerator blowers will lower CO2 levels through a chemical reaction in water. Air Blower provide enough oxygen for your aquarium for healthy fish farm.

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