Filtration System Manufacturers:

We are the manufacturers of Dust Filtration System Manufacturers for all kind of fume welding fume extraction and soldering Fume Extraction applications. Cleantek mobile suction arm attached dry dust collector used to extract the dust from Grinding applications.  We design and supply wet and Dry kind of dust filtration system and collection systems.

Wood Dust Collection
Wood Dust Collection

In all kind of Grinding process generate lot of air borne very fine dust particles from metal parts. This air borne dusts are harmful to workers in the shop floor. Proper dust protection system or dust collection is required to capture this harmful dust particles before it enters to the workers breathing zone.

Abrasive Dust Collection
Abrasive Grinding Dust Collector, Dust Collection System

CLEANTEK is a leading manufacturer supplying customized industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment & Cleaning Equipment for various industries like Automobile, Textile, Food & Pharma, Engineering and Rubber industries. Cleantek manufacturing vacuum cleaner, Industrial vacuum cleaner, dust collector, welding fume extractor, oil mist collector, wood dust collector, air blower, centrifugal air blower, ring blower, Hopper loader, air knife,vacuum conveying systems.

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