Filter bag Manufacturers:

For clean air filters are most important in all kind of filtration systems. We are the high quality dust collection filter bag manufacturers for all kind of dust collectors. Bag house filter , Catridge filter, vacuum cleaner Filter available in various size and filtration capacity. We produce all kind of dust collector bags and doing custom made models as per clients requirements.

Non woven filter bag for dust filtration
Non woven filter bag

Our Filters are manufactured in Non woven, Polyester, Polypropylene, Glass fibre paper, Cellulose, PTFE materials etc… We supply Polyester needle felt Catridge filters, Filters with antistatic for food certified applications.

Filter optional Features:

  • Moisture repellent
  • Electrically conductive
  • PTFE Membrane coating
  • More Filtration Area
  • Various Shapes and Size

    Carbon Filters
    Dust Filters,catridge Filters, Micro Filters, Bag Filters

Our Filter models for all kind of following Dedusting:

  • Vacuum Cleaner Filters
  • Industrial vacuum Cleaner Filter
  • Dust Collector Filter
  • Wet mist Filter
  • Cartridge Filter
  • Blower Filters
  • Panel Filter
  • Carbon Filters
  • Air Filtration
  • Industrial Dust Filtration
  • Compact bag Filter
  • Dust Collector Filter Cartridges
  • Polypropylene Pleated Filter Cartridges
  • Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridges
  • Dust Filter Cartridges
  • Filter Elements for Food and Pharmaceuticals
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