Dust Extraction Arm:

We are the manufacturers of Flexible Dust Extraction arm for all kind of fume welding fume extraction and soldering Fume Extraction applications. We are the mobile suction arm dry dust collector manufacturers  in various kind of dust collection capacity and applications.

Double Arm Soldering Fume Extraction Arm
Soldering Fume Extraction Arm

High vacuum suction force developed in vacuum suction unit and suction side is connected  with articulated dust suction arm attached with suction hood. Suction hood is helped to extract the dust and cover the more area. Suction unit another side vacuum blower connected with collection tank with multistage filter unit.

Cleantek extraction arms provide an effective source capture of dust, fume, Mist Fume or smoke produced in industrial processes. We are making telescopic type arm for extraction of exhaust fume gas from cars, Automobile trucks and motorcycles. This industrial grade extraction arm is highly flexible and easy adjustable to the vehicles exhaust pipe.


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