Dust Collector System:

Cleantek manufacturing Dust collector system for all kind of dust capture applications in Furniture Industry. Door manufacturers and Furniture manufacturers using various cutting and polishing machines and trimming machines. These machines produce large quantity of dust and vary fine 3 micron dust spread on the floor. Air borne Wood dust are light weight and spread on workshop floor and nearby areas.

We design and manufacturing Wood working dust collector machine, Furniture Industry cleaning machine to keep the area pollution free working atmosphere. Fine wood dust contains acids, hydro carbons, hazardous chemicals are affecting the human body and blood circulation.

wood Dust Collection
Wood Dust Collector, Double Bag Dust Collector

Cleantek manufacturing cyclone and Pulse Bag Dust Collector to extract the all kind of debris and very fine dust particles.

We supply all kind of filter bags and Dust Collector spares to support after sales service.

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