Dust Collector for wood and Metal:

We are the dust collector for wood and metal manufacturers for all kind of wood dust and fine dust collection usage. Our dust collectors are used to attach with CNC router, CNC wood carving machine, wood turning lathe machine, plywood cutting machine, surface planner, Edge bander, Blade grinder etc,.. for dust collection applications. Cleantek manufacturing Clean Air wood dust collector for various wood cutting and processing industry.

Wood Dust Collection
Wood Dust Collector
  • Home Cabinet Manufacturers
  • Wood Panel Manufacturers
  • Packing Pallet Manufacturers
  • Home Flooring Manufacturers
  • Home Window Manufacturers
  • Home Door Manufacturers
  • Wood Photo Frame Manufacturers
  • Office Furniture Manufacturers
  • Plywood Production industries
  • Veneer Shops
  • Lumber Board Manufacturers
  • MDF Manufacturers
  • Architectural Wood Product Manufacturers

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