Dust collector filter bag:

We are the dust collector filter bag manufacturers in Coimbatore , India. Also we do cartridge filter, imported cartridge filtration bag etc.
We are the high quality filter bag manufacturers for all kind of dust collection applications. Bag house filter available in various size and filtration capacity. We produce all kind of dust collector bags and doing custom made models as per customer requirements.

Carbon Filters
Dust Filters,catridge Filters, Micro Filters, Bag Filters

Cleantek Filter bag used in dust collector chamber to filter the dust and debris from the air stream. Filtration area is most important factor in dust collector. We make pleated filter bag, cartridge filter, HEPA filter, Activated carbon Filter, Paint spray booth filter, Pocket filter etc…

Non woven filter bag for dust filtration
Non woven filter bag

Different kind of filter media used for making the filter bag. Polyester, Non woven polypropelene,virgin polyester,nylon,cotton etc.. Medias used for making the filter bag for high filtration efficiency. Some models are make with surface coating with water repellant properties. Filter bags made with suitable for filter shaker system, automatic pulsejet filter cleaning system.

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