Dust Collector Cyclone:

We are the the manufacturers of best Cyclone Dust Collectors Manufacturers in Chennai and Coimbatore. We Manufacturing Foundry Dust Collector, Cyclone Separators. Cyclone improves the Dust Filtration efficiency of the bag filters. Our  best Air Filtration Systems are used in graphite cutting applications.

During Graphite machining very fine dust produced and this Fine carbon Dust is most Dangerous to workers. This dust is to be extracted threw suction filters , otherwise it is spread in the working atmosphere.

Dusty air enters tangentially into the cyclone separator and due to centrifugal force moves the big dust against the cone wall, out of the airstream, to bottom side storage unit. Air stream with some fine dust come out of the Cyclone top side and it is further connected to the filtration unit. In filtration unit all the fine dust are filtered and pure air is sent out to atmosphere.

Cyclone Dust Collection System
Cyclone Dust Collector

Dust Collectors are improve the air quality  the clean environment in Factory shop floor area. Cyclones are efficiently capture the dust from the machining process. Cyclone are called as Two stage dust Collector because in this process most of the bulk dust are collected in cyclone and very fine dust are collected in Bag filters or Auto-pulse Jet Filter Dust Collection System.

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