Dust Collector Applications:

Cleantek manufacturing different kind of dust collector  for various machine process applications.  These systems used to capture dust particles from various machinery process.

Bag dust collector used to extract the dust from surface grinding machine, Lathe grinding dust suction, Metal powder capturing applications.

Cartridge Dust collectors are used in very fine dust filtration applications like agro seed processing , Pharmaceutical dust capture applications.

Rubber Grinding Dust Collector
Grinding Dust Collection System

Wet scrubbers are used in explosion areas, Hazardous spark production process.

Cyclones are efficiently capture the dust from the machining process. Cyclone Dust Collector are called as Two stage capturing system. Because in this process most of the bulk dust are collected in cyclone and very fine dust are collected in Bag filters

Welding fumes are a hazardous contents of gases and ultra fine particles need electrostatic precipitator to capture the dust. Machines are used to attach with CNC router, CNC wood carving machine, wood turning lathe machine, plywood cutting machine, surface planner, Edge bander, Blade grinder etc,.. for dust collection applications.

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