Downdraft Booths:

Downdraft Booths is a Air filtration system to filter the airborne particles. This is the effective system to capture the harmful dust threw the Catridge filters. These filters are cleaned with auto filter cleaning system.

DownDraft Table
Welding table, Deburring Dust Collector, Grinding Dust Collector Table

Downdraft Table is used to extract the Dust, fume, Woodworking Dust, Sander Dust, Grinding Dust, Welding Fume etc… This machine is helps to keep the atmosphere pollution free environment and safety for Shop floor workers.

We design and supply Downdraft Table & Booth Manufacturer, Downdraft Table Dust Collectors, compact-down-draught-benches, Downdraft Table Dust Collector, Downdraft Table Dust Collector, Welding Downdraft Table, Economy Downdraft tables.

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