Double Stage Ring Blower:

Cleantek make Double Stage Ring Blower for high pressure air agitation and aeration applications.

Ring Blower Aeration for Biofloc Tank
Ring Blower

Cleantek manufacturing ring blowers for air agitation in electroplating industry. Air agitation removes any salts, soaps, or alkaline cleaning products left on the surface of the metal. Ring blower air agitation is a mechanical agitation, which can be as simple as stirring the electrolyte while plating of products. Also this blower used in aeration in fish pond and bio floc applications.

Double stage Ring blower used for air blowing applications in Foundry Equipment’s. The Cleantek aeration Ring blower is a non-positive displacement, high volume, low pressure blower that can operate as either a compressor or a vacuum pump. It is also known by other names such as: regenerative blower, Turbine Blower, vortex blower and side-channel blower.

Ring Blower 1Hp:

Ring Blower 1 Hp available in single phase with Indian Made continuous duty motor.

Blower Features:

  • 100% oil free air and Motor Insulation class is F
  • Continuous duty and Protection class is IP55.
  • Various Frequency 50 HZ & 60 HZ are available
  • Made of die cast High quality aluminum
  • Both usage of Compressor and Vacuum (suction and blow).
  • Virtually maintenance free, with SKF Double sealed long life bearings.
  • Smart Compact design and Low noise Level
  • ATEX Explosion Proof Motor & Belt Drive is available
  • Anti corrosion blower and special color also available

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