Double Bag Dust Collector:

Cleantek supply Double Bag Dust Collector for wood dust extraction in wood industries. Our products are portable dust collection equipment, most versatile compact dust collector, silos, carving dust collector, table saw dust collection etc.. We manufacture dust collector in stainless steel version also.

We are the wood dust collector manufacturers for all kind of wood dust and fine dust collection usage. Our dust collectors are used to attach with CNC router, CNC wood carving machine, wood turning lathe machine, plywood cutting machine, surface planner, Edge bander,Blade grinder etc,.. for dust collection applications. CLEANTEK manufacturing Dust Filtration System for various wood processing industry.

Cleantek Manufacturing centralized wood dust collection system for wood processing machines. In wood cutting and processing machine produce fine dust and chips and it affect the workers nearby the machine.

wood Dust Collection
Wood Dust Collector, Double Bag Dust Collector

Wood cutting machine dust coming outlets are connected with suction piping and dust are extracted away from the machine. So workers are safe from hazards dust and inhaling of this kind of dust.

Machine Features:

  • Advanced filtration technology
  • High suction force
  • Metal Impeller Fan
  • Low noise level
  • Quality spares integrated
  • Option for portable and stationary
  • Reliable supplier in past 15 years
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