Cyclone Dust Collector:

We are the Cyclone Dust Collector manufacturers for large dust collection and designed with maintain maximum airflow capacity. Custom made Dust Extraction with flexible arm systems available.

How Cyclone Dust Collector work ?

Dusty air enters tangentially into the cyclone separator and due to centrifugal force moves the big dust against the cone wall, out of the airstream, to bottom side storage unit. Air stream with some fine dust come out of the Cyclone top side and it is further connected to the Dust filtration unit. In filtration unit all the fine dust are filtered and pure air is sent out to atmosphere.


  • Maintain continuous suction air flow capacity
  • Reduce filter load
  • High pressure capture design
  • Supply with Efficient suction hood
  • Suitable for filter large dust and fine dust
  • Effective dust control
Industrial Dust Collection
Dust Collector

We are the 25 years experienced dust collection system manufacturing company producing high quality dust extractors , air pollution control equipment. We design and supplying wood dust collection, wood sandering dust extraction, compact dust collectors for small grinding dust capture applications, industrial dust collector for hood dust extraction with ducting, small kind of shop dust collection system, Reverse pule jet dust collection system for bulk dust collection, Food packing plant dust collection etc..

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