Coolant Sump Cleaner:

Cleantek make coolant sump cleaner for oil filtration and remove debris, chips, other waste etc..

Coolant filter separate the debris, greases and other unwanted contaminate from the coolant. Coolant pumping motor returns the pure coolant to the sump. Sump cleaner keeps the machines clean and free of bacteria and fungus. Therefore Oil Sump Cleaner need to clean this oil, sludge etc..

Oil sump cleaner for machine tools cleaning
Oil sump cleaner for machine tools cleaning

Cleantek manufacturing portable type oil and chips recovery system for engineering industries used in CNC machining shops. Its removes the dust,coolant,sludge, dirt and chips from the oil sump, filters the dust, sludge and chips from the coolant and returns the filtered pure coolant to the oil sump.

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