Compact Down Draught Benches:

We are the Compact Down Draught Benches manufacturers in India. We make dust collector, downdraft dust collection, Air bench, Deburring grinding dust collection etc… We design custom made Downdraft Table & Booth Manufacturer, Downdraft Table Dust Collectors for multi workers and big Jobs.

Downdraft table Dust Collection
Downdraft Table Dust Collector, Welding Downdraft Table, Economy Downdraft tables

The fume dust extraction filter table is an affordable combination of working table and fume, dust filter unit. The special kind of fume extraction downdraft tables designed and manufactured by CLEANTEK are used in laser, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines. During sheet metal cutting process the fumes and dusts that are suctioned from special ducting deisgn.Also this table used as a grinding and deburring station.

Downdraft table is manufactured with suction unit with auto filter cleaning system. All Sucked dust are filtered threw the Catridge filter and pure air exhaust to atmosphere. Downdraft Bench Table is used to extract the Dust, fume, Woodworking Dust, Sander Dust, Grinding Dust, Welding Fume etc… This machine is helps to keep the atmosphere pollution free environment and safety for workers.

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