CNC Sump Cleaner:

Cleantek design and manufacturing portable type oil sump cleaner and chips recovery system for engineering industries used in CNC machining shops.This oil sump cleaner removes the dust,coolant,sludge, dirt and chips from the oil sump, filters the dust,sludge and chips from the coolant and returns the filtered pure coolant to the oil sump.

sump cleaning and fluid recycling
Oil sump cleaner

High vacuum motor produce vacuum inside the big tank, so that all metal debris,dust, cutting oil is sucked threw the nozzle.CNC cutting fluids contain a host of chemical additives such as biocides, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foaming agents and more. It can cause skin irritation, rashes and dermatitis.
Then it is filtered via multistage filtration before entering into the tank. After that pure coolant collected inside the tank and it is pumped out to the CNC sump.

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