CNC Cleaning:

Cleantek manufacturing CNC cleaning machine for CNC machining centres. CNc machine is the advanced system of Lathe machine. CNC machine doing all kind of machining, Drilling, Boring, Deburring process in high speed etc…

CNC sump cleaning
Oil Sump Cleaner
Central Vacuum Cleaner
Centralized Vacuum Systems

During this process lot of Dust , Oil Mist, Coolant Mist, Fumes, Metal Debris, Metal chips are produced. These to be cleaned on time otherwise it is settle on the machine precision parts , Control panel and make machine running problem on machine.

We are manufacturing Oil Mist Collector, Metal Debris Vacuum Cleaning machines for this kind of Industrial Applications.

CNC Cleaner
cleantek manufacturing heavy duty vacuum cleaner for cnc cleaning applications.

These machines are suitable for continuous running and maintenance free. We will supply this system all over India and abroad. Our product support team Install the system and guide how to use the machine. Machine attached with various cleaning tools to clean the floors, machine parts, Trenches, Roof etc…

Oil Sump Cleaning
Oil Filtration Machine, Oil Cleaning machine, Coolant Sump Cleaning Systems,
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